The Xion CyberX is an eBike With a Cool Futuristic Look

When searching for an eBike, you will see a lot of boring traditional bike or moped designs. But take a look at the Xion CyberX eBike. This is a badass-looking eBike with tricked-out LED lighting & customizable, laser-printed side panels.

This is an eBike you want to definitely ride. An extremely durable piece of tech made for on and off-road adventure, an eBike with insane 50 mph max speed (80 km/h) and an incredible 100-mile range.

Xion CyberX
Credit: Xion Bike

Xion describes that the bike made from the most durable materials for maximum use and zero maintenance. It has the most efficient brakes and motor, plus high-visibility lighting. And it was born to stand out with next-gen-inspired aesthetics, plus personal touches from you.

The CyberX has a fantastic range due to the powerful 72V battery and a 750-watt mid-drive motor, at least according to the company. When riding solo, go up to 75 miles at 20mph with no pedaling, or cover 100 miles with pedal assist. If you’re maxing out the throttle, expect up to 50 miles. That’s… huge statement.

CyberX bike also uses a 72 volt 32ah lithium-ion battery that charges in 6 hours with the included 5 amp charger.

And one more thing. This eBike can accelerate from 0-30 mph in 4 seconds! This is insane acceleration for an electric bike.

If you are a fan of customization, you would like CyberX’s ability to customize the LED side panels on your bike by using the Customizer Template. We are talking about the frame, seat, and panel.

And what is the Xion Cyberx bike price? The price starts at $3,699 USD (24% OFF future price) and you get CyberX, 750W Mid-Drive Motor, 72V 32AH removable battery, Chromoly steel frame, full suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, 5A charger, 2-person seat, and LCD display & BT speaker.

So what do you think? Do you think this all sounded too good to be true? In fact, the Xion CyberX is a project looking for funding on Indiegogo.

You probably know that crowdfunding campaigns do carry more risk than buying for a dealership, so you have to know that going in.


Designer: Xion Bike


Xion CyberX eBike
Xion CyberX
Xion bike



Images are courtesy of Xion Bike


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