The Caveman Regimen: The Minimalist Approach to Acne Treatment

Acne is the most common skin condition in the world with most people starting to get acne when they are in their teens.

We all know that the best approaches to dealing with acne are those that work with your skin type and lifestyle — but they’re not easy to find and they’re expensive!

The caveman regimen focuses on a simple, minimalist, natural approach to achieving clearer skin.

With this approach, acne sufferers can expect their breakouts to calm down and decrease over time without the use of harsh products.

At least in theory. In this article, you can learn about the caveman face routine because we wanna go into the details of this skin therapy.

What is the Caveman Regimen For Acne?

As a modern man you should follow a simple yet effective daily skincare routine: exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize. The simple steps into glowing healthy skin.

This is what most dermatologists recommend, but the caveman regimen promotes another approach.

The caveman regimen simply means that a modern man should not use anything on his skin. Yes, that is right, with this method, you have to prevent any product from making contact with your face. No soap, no moisturizer, no cleanse, NO WATER.

There are already some water-only versions with huge popularity among men and women with acne.

But the one and only original no-water version are the most popular and most controversial.

The no-water caveman regimen requires at least 30 days without any skincare product and any water. And then you need another 60 days of this approach to see the full results fully test the regimen.

Throughout the full 90 days, there will be no cleansers, no moisturizers, no treatments, no exfoliators, no sunscreen.

Why the Caveman Regimen is So Popular

caveman skin regimen

The caveman face routine gains its popularity on different forums and blogs. But before we get into more details, let’s talk about a few reasons why this skin care routine is so popular:

The caveman regimen is simple and cheap. You don’t need to wash your face, you don’t need to use any expensive product on your face. In fact, you are just waiting for 90 days to let your face heal naturally.

Following the caveman face regimen is like returning to nature. You are starting to live like our ancestors, without any commercial products.

Does the Caveman Regimen Really Work?

To be fair, there is no scientific evidence to support the caveman regimen for acne. Just a few blogs are trying to promote this method, some mentions on forums and subreddits.

There is no evidence that using skin care products and acne treatments is worse than using nothing.

However, there are tons of scientific studies that support the benefits of certain vitamins like Vitamin B3 and skin care ingredients on face health.

We have an issue with the caveman regimen. On this website, we are trying to show a modern man a simple yet effective approach to a skincare routine.

But the caveman routine can, according to us, damage your skin. Not washing your face may result in acne breakouts, not using sunscreen may also lead to faster aging of your skin, and not using a moisturizer may lead to dry skin.


We can’t recommend the caveman regimen for acne. While it is not a dangerous trend for your skin, there is no evidence that this approach works.

According to us, the best way to take care of your skin is to use products that are specially formulated for your skin and then establish a daily skincare routine with such products.

For one, using products that are specially formulated for your skin is the most important thing to do. They are designed with your skin type in mind so they can offer you the best of their ingredients. Secondly, establishing a daily skincare routine with these products is important because it creates good habits for your skin. Lastly, if you have any questions about how to take care of your skin, then consult with a dermatologist.