Uncover Radiant Skin with Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub

If you’re struggling with dull and flaky skin that affects your appearance, Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

This deep exfoliating rub is specifically formulated to help you achieve a clear and radiant complexion, allowing you to feel confident and look your best.

Say goodbye to clogged pores, blackheads, and dead skin cells, and say hello to a revitalized appearance.

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  • Ditch Tired, Lifeless Skin: Get rid of dull, flaky skin and uncover a more radiant complexion for a clean look. Our deep Exfoliating Rub works to unclog pores, loosen blackheads, and remove dead skin cells to keep you at the top of your game!
  • Formulated with Charcoal and Licorice Root: Reveal your best skin yet, with a charcoal rub that works overtime to reduce the appearance of acne scars and dark spots. Glabridin-rich licorice root tackles inflamed skin and improves color, while activated charcoal sucks out dirt and oil to control future breakouts.
  • Say No to Shaving Irritation: Getting rid of five o’clock shadow doesn’t have to come at the cost of ingrown hairs. Our exfoliating rub reduces irritation associated with shaving and removes dead skin cells to give you the closest shave possible.
  • Promote Fast Skin Regeneration: Ready to get a healthier, younger-looking complexion that turns heads wherever you go? Our fast-acting facial exfoliator helps stimulate your skin at its core, creating quick regeneration for the newest skin possible!
  • Skincare Built for Men: Who says that only women should take care of their skin? At Lumin, we develop premium skin care products for men who want to look in the mirror and love their skin. All products are specifically formulated for the biologically different skin of men and their daily habits.

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Formulated with Charcoal and Licorice Root

Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub is packed with powerful ingredients like Charcoal and Licorice Root that work together to reveal your best skin yet. The activated charcoal in our scrub acts like a magnet, drawing out dirt and oil from your pores to control future breakouts.

Additionally, Licorice Root, rich in Glabridin, helps tackle inflamed skin and improve overall complexion. Together, these ingredients work overtime to reduce the appearance of acne scars and dark spots, leaving you with a more even skin tone.

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Say No to Shaving Irritation

If you’re fed up with the hassle of shaving and the unpleasant side effects like irritation and ingrown hairs, Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub can come to your rescue. This exfoliating scrub is specifically designed to eliminate dead skin cells and minimize shaving-related irritation. Using our scrub regularly allows you to enjoy a closer, smoother shave without discomfort.

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Promote Fast Skin Regeneration

For those who desire a healthier and more youthful complexion that grabs attention, incorporating Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub into your skincare routine is an excellent choice. This facial exfoliator works quickly to invigorate your skin, encouraging rapid skin renewal at its deepest levels.

This means that you’ll constantly have fresh, rejuvenated skin that looks and feels amazing. Embrace the confidence that comes with a revitalized appearance and let your skin shine.

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Experience the transformative benefits of the Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub by investing in your skin. This powerful scrub combines charcoal and licorice root to reveal radiant, healthy skin. Not only does it help to reduce shaving irritation, but it also promotes fast skin regeneration for a more youthful appearance.


Q: How often should I use Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub?

A: We recommend using Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub 2-3 times a week for optimal results. Over-exfoliating can strip the skin of its natural oils, so it’s important to give your skin time to recover between exfoliation sessions.

Q: Can Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub be used on sensitive skin?

A: Yes, Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. However, if you have highly sensitive or reactive skin, we recommend patch-testing the product on a small area of your skin before applying it to your face.

Q: Can women use Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub?

A: Absolutely! While Lumin develops products specifically formulated for men, our Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub can be used by both men and women who want to enjoy the benefits of deep exfoliation and a cleaner, healthier complexion.

Q: Does Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub help with acne?

A: Yes, Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub is formulated to help reduce the appearance of acne scars and control future breakouts. The activated charcoal in the scrub helps draw out impurities from the pores, while the Licorice Root helps soothe inflamed skin. For severe acne concerns, we recommend consulting with a dermatologist.

Q: Can Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub be used as a pre-shave treatment?

A: Absolutely! Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub works great as a pre-shave treatment. Removing dead skin cells and reducing irritation, helps provide a closer, smoother shave. Simply apply the scrub to your face before shaving, massage it in gently, and rinse off before proceeding with your shaving routine.

Q: Is Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub tested on animals?

A: No, Lumin is committed to cruelty-free skincare. We do not test our products on animals, and we ensure that our ingredients are ethically sourced.

Q: How long will one container of Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub last?

A: The duration of one container depends on individual usage. Typically, one container of Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub can last approximately 2-3 months with regular use.

Q: Can I use Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub along with other skincare products?

A: Yes, Lumin Charcoal Exfoliating Scrub can be incorporated into your existing skincare routine. It is recommended to use the scrub after cleansing and before applying any serums or moisturizers.

Always follow the instructions provided and listen to your skin’s needs to ensure compatibility with other products. If you have any concerns, it’s best to consult with a skincare professional.