Tiny Red Bumps After Workout? Here’s How To Prevent Your Skin

Women like men who take good care of themselves. Women like men who care about their health and their fitness. That’s why almost every young modern man is no stranger to the gym.

Working out is not only about weights, but it is also about feeling good, burning the pain, stress, and exertion that you build every day.

Yes, it feels good to work out. It’s simple, straightforward, and bullshit-free. There are no teammates to blame. Just you.

That’s why many of us love to go to the gym. There’s an exhilaration that comes from a really good workout.

Endorphins, dopamine. Who knows.

But we all also know about the tiny red bumps around especially sweaty areas, like shoulders.

It’s not unusual to find these sweat pimples on your body after a particularly sweaty workout. Are they acne? What causes them?

Keep reading to learn how to treat and prevent sweat pimples, and what can you do to keep your skin great.


Does Sweating Cause Acne?

Sweating itself doesn’t cause acne, and there are already proven studies that suggest sweating is actually anti-bacterial. When you sweat, you flush out toxins and spot-causing bacteria, which is helping to clear your skin.

But letting sweat sit on your skin after your workout is a different story. When you exercise, sweat is mixing with dirt and bacteria on your skin, which can lead to clogging of pores and causing an oil build-up. All of this may lead to acne.

But sometimes after your sweaty workout, you may develop red bumps that aren’t acne.


Sweat Pimples

The combination of sweat, heat, and friction may contribute to a specific type of acne breakout commonly called sweat pimples, which should be treated like acne. (Source)

They can be found on the back, chest, and underarms and can be unsightly and uncomfortable.

If you have sweat pimples, don’t fret! There are many ways to treat them to get rid of them for good.

First, you should use high-quality and gentle body washes made from natural ingredients. Another great way to reduce sweat pimples is to use oil-free products and moisturizers with Aloe Vera. You should also implement exfoliation in your skincare routine, but do not overdo it.

However, these tiny red bumps you can see on your skin after a sweaty workout may not be acne breakout, but rather a symptom of heat rash.


Heat Rash

Heat rash is not as common as acne, but it’s definitely an issue for men during hot, humid weather. They typically appear on the back, chest, or neck, and they don’t fill with pus-like acne blemishes do.


How to Prevent From Sweat Pimples And Heat Rash


It’s always better to prevent things before they happen. To prevent sweat pimples, heat rash, or any acne breakouts due to sweating, follow this guideline:

Avoid tight clothes and accessories during working out – We bet you look awesome in tight-fitting gym clothes, however, they are trapping sweat on your skin, which may lead to heat rash or even acne. Always wear loose clothes during your workout that let sweat evaporate and won’t cause friction by rubbing against your skin.

After your workout, shower with antibacterial soap or body washes – Showering after an intense workout will flush out all dirt, and sweat full of toxins. Use a good, yet gentle body wash that is made from natural ingredients, to clear get the swat out of your face, hair, and body. Use a body wash that doesn’t dry your skin and cool water.

Wash your workout clothing regularly – Cleaning your clothing, and other materials that come in contact with your skin.

Maintain your daily skincare routine – No one is perfect, especially when it comes to skincare. There are lots of things many men do every single day that can ruin the skin. If you want to establish a proper daily routine without dedicating too much time to it, then check out some of our guides:


Main photo by Alora Griffiths