ThruNite BSS W1 EDC Pocket Flashlight

Many people love tactical flashlights because of their versatility. They are essential pieces of equipment for illumination and for self-defense.

But sometimes you need just a simple flashlight. A flashlight so small, you can easily hide it in your pocket or put it on your keychain. But still, a flashlight that has a strong beam of light.

ThruNite BSS W1 one of the better pocket flashlights you will find on the market. It comes in an ideal size that easily fits in your pocket, or backpack weighs only 40 grams (or 55 grams with battery), and is 2,67 inches in length.


ThruNite BSS W1 EDC Pocket Flashlight
ThruNite BSS W1 EDC Pocket Flashlight (Credit: ThruNite)


ThruNite BSS W1 EDC Pocket Flashlight can produce a really intense beam of light with maximum 693-lumen output that illuminates an object as far away as 166 m (544 feet). This can only be achieved when you use the strongest of the 6 brightness modes… the Turbo mode. However, the duration of such strong light is only 75 secs. Not the longest, but still not bad.

As already mentioned, there are 6 brightness modes in total. The Firefly, Low, Medium, High, Turbo, and Strobe mode for emergency situations.

With the Firefly mode used only, the EDC pocket flashlight will last up to 13 days. Honestly, this is not the longest battery life, when taken into account we are talking about 16340 650mAh batteries.


ThruNite BSS W1
ThruNite BSS W1 EDC Pocket Flashlight (Credit: ThruNite)


However, the flashlight is power just with a single rechargeable battery and is still able to deliver an output of 693 lumens. And the resulting beam is perfectly balanced for optimal clarity.


ThruNite BSS W1 – Features

  • LED bulb
  • Made of Aluminium alloy
  • 650mAh 16340 Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • The output of 693 Lumens
  • Maximal distance 166 meters (544 feet)
  • Weight 40 grams or 55 grams with battery
  • 1.5 meter of impact resistance
  • Waterproof rating of IPX-8 (2M)


6 Lighting Modes:

  • Firefly Mode: 0.54 lumens (13 days)
  • Low Mode: 7,5 lumens (60 hours)
  • Medium Mode: 58 lumens (5 hours)
  • High Mode: 215 lumens (90 mins)
  • Turbo Mode: 693 lumens – 213 lumens (75 seconds + 74 mins)
  • Strobe Mode: 168 lumens ( 200 mins)


ThruNite BSS W1 was created in collaboration with Black Scout Survival. It comes in a truly EDC design with a forest green anodized aluminum finish, a two-way clip, and a magnetic tail cap so you can stick it to steel surfaces.

The ThruNite BSS W1 is a pretty good compact mini flashlight helping you illuminate things in low-light conditions. Looking for a stronger flashlight? Check out the ThruNite BSS 4 Tactical Flashlight. It comes with an insane output of 2523 lumens. 



All images via ThruNite


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