Tacray Titanium Mini Knife – Cool Mini Titanium Box Cutter

For someone, a pocket knife is an essential everyday carry tool, for others a something they can live without. 

The truth is, knives can handle various tasks, and definitely more tasks, then pocket knives, but they have one huge disadvantage. They are big. 

So, if you are looking for something small that can slip on a key ring, a pocket knife is the tool you should focus on.

There are plenty of mini knives on the market, and it is really about personal and design preference. 

But if you don’t mind, here is one cool looking knife we found. Tacray Titanium Mini Knife. 

TACRAY Titanium Mini Knife
TACRAY Titanium Utility Knife (Image credit: Tacray)

The mini adjective in the title is perfectly describing this cutter. In fact, it is a mini box cutter knife with a utility and retractable blade. And it’s smaller than a standard key on your keychain.

The size of this mini knife makes it easy to put in your pocket or attach it to the keychain with the ring hole. 

Tacray Titanium Mini Knife
Tacray Titanium Mini Knife (Image credit: Tacray)

And it is a surprisingly light utility knife. The handle is made in aero-grade titanium alloy material with oxidated blue color and it comes with a 440C stainless steel blade, which makes the handle non-rusted and oil resistant.

The Tacray Titanium Mini Utility Knife has a one-hand opening design, allowing you to slice through paper, box, tape, fabrics, and more.

Because this is an everyday carry knife that should be part of your keychain, it features a fully safe locking design. So, when not used, you retract the blade back into the handle body and twist the thumb screw clockwise to the tight. Then the blade will be locked inside the non-rusted handle and won’t pop up to cause any hurt. 


TACRAY Titanium Utility Knife – Features

  • Aero-grade titanium alloy handle
  • 440C stainless steel blade
  • Easy to carry
  • Slide-lock design
  • Blade replacement button


Buy now: Amazon

Designer: TACRAY


All images via TACRAY


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