Sud Stud: Soap Saving Silicone Scrubber

The method you use to cleanse your skin is down to personal preference, but there are definitely pros and cons of each.

Loofahs, sponges, washcloths, or gloves are widely popular skin exfoliation products, but if you are looking for an alternative to that, we may have found something for you.

Sud Stud. A new shower scrubber that is able to eliminate bacteria cultivation, save you money on soaps, and clean deeper at the same time.

First launched through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where 2,448 backers raised $57,430 to help it to life, Sud Stud is now available for everyone to buy.

Sud Stud is an intelligently designed shower scrubber, a brick of soft and antibacterial silicone, sized to fit the most common soap bar sizes with the ability to adapt to a larger or smaller without much effect on the overall efficiency of Sud Stud’s features.

With a handy two-sided design, one side for sensitive skin, other with tougher silicone, the honeycomb pattern prevents water from escaping and allows the bather to simply tilt or squeeze SudStud to dispense more suds.

The unique design also reduces friction between soap and skin by 80%, so your bar soap may last up to 5x longer while still creating 250% more soap subs than a bar alone.

Sud Stud shower scrubber

The main benefit of using Sud Stud over traditional shower loofahs is that it is made of flexible silicone which is anti-bacterial. It eliminates breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria you can find in your bathroom.

Another cool thing is when not in use, the Sud Stud scrubber dries itself and the soap quickly by letting water and air underneath.

Here are all benefits to using a Sud Stud Silicone Scrubber:

  • Two-side exfoliating clean
  • More soapy suds, less water
  • Built-in body wash reservoir
  • Fits popular and gourmet soaps
  • Antibacterial soft silicone
  • Quick-drying easy cleaning


If you are feeling that Sud Stud should be a part of your skin cleaning routine, check out the official website for more information.


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