Snowfeet – Wearable Mini Skis

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If you want to try something new this winter, perhaps you will be interested to see a new product called Snowfeet. Unique footwear that combines skiing and skating into one new sport, according to their Czech creators. Made of lightweight fiberglass reinforced material, Snowfeet is more durable, portable and affordable than traditional skis or snowboards.

The portability and versatility make it perfect for accessing areas where heavy equipment like skis or snowboards cannot be taken. All you have to do is slip your winter boots into Snowfeet and adjust the straps. The shoes come size fits all, offers an ideal fit for shoe sizes US 7 to 12 (38-46 EU).

The idea of combining both skiing and skating into a single activity, and giving winter sports enthusiasts a new level of control and performance, makes the Snowfeet a gear we should try at winter. Available for a retail price around $149, these wearable mini skis are still cheaper compared to snowboard or traditional skis. 

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Snowfeet mini skis

Snowfeet New Wearable Mini Skis

Snowfeet wearable skis


Image courtesy of Snowfeet


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