Retio is Handmade Radio Speaker with Nixie Tubes and Hi-Fi Sound

Retro aesthetic products are hugely popular these days.

Many of us like to bring nostalgia into the home or office.

If you are a fan of retro-designed products, you will definitely love the Retio Radio Speaker.

A portable and handcrafted all-in-one radio, Bluetooth speaker, and clock.

What’s more, this product uses Nixie tubes to display time and radio frequencies.

And it looks amazing.

Retio Speaker with Nixie tubes
Credit: Retio

Retio is a well-made tribute to classic aesthetics with a 6800mAh battery that supports up to 6 hours of playback and clock time.

Each speaker is handcrafted using American black walnut, 360 brass, and vintage Nixie tubes. As already described, Retio is a radio, Bluetooth speaker, and clock.

Each unit is crafted by hand in the San Francisco Bay Area using materials, finishes, and details inspired by the glory of historical craftsmanship.

The Retio’s speaker has great sounding highs, crystal-clear mid ranges, and deep powerful bass. It’s equipped with a 10W Class-D amplifier, Qualcomm® aptX™ audio technology, and Bluetooth 5.0.

Retio radio speaker supports FM/AM radio, AUX, and Bluetooth with a Hi-Fi speaker module that brings an elegant touch to your listening time.

It is a mix of the old ways to listen to music while maintaining new methods with both Bluetooth and AUX input compatibility.

Retio also acts as a clock and alarm in silence and in speaker mode. The clock gives you the option to display 24hr military time or 12hr standard time.

If you are interested in this awesome-looking handcrafted radio speaker with a clock, you can find the link below the article to the crowdfunding campaign. But be aware, this is a Kickstarter project with its own risks.

Designer: Retio


Retio Radio Speaker

Retio Retro Speaker


All images via Retio


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