Oxx Coffeeboxx – The World’s Toughest Coffee Maker

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If you think that the combination of words “tough” and “coffee maker” in the same sentence doesn’t make a sense, you probably haven’t heard about Oxx Cofeeboxx. A coffee maker designed for rough portable outdoor use.

The Oxx Coffeeboxx is designed as a portable job site coffee machine with construction workers in the mind. If you expect an ordinary coffee machine with a slightly reinforced exterior, you are wrong. It looks like a small cooler. Made with a heavy-duty chassis that is crushproof, impact-resistant, can support up to 1500 pounds of force. What´s more, the coffee maker is also dustproof, water resistant to IP55 standards and will not spill under any circumstances.

oxx coffee maker

The Oxx Coffeeboxx machine is so tough that the manufacturer did a number of durability tests to ensure the world how much rugged this coffee maker is.

coffee box oxx

Now is time to speak about the coffee. The onboard water storage tank holds 2.5 liters (84.5 oz) of water and can brew up to 10 cups of coffee before having to refill the tank. Just 30 seconds to pre-heat and 70 seconds to brew a cup. The machine works with any single pods and will also work reusable cups on the market. One last cool thing about the Coffeeboxx. It can serve as a hot water station. The machine is heating water to 180º F (82°C) for easy instant meals.

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