Optoma GT750 3D Game Projector Reviews And Ratings

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We Like

  • Good value
  • Great colors
  • Great projection size
  • 3D ready
  • Good audio quality

We Don’t Like

  • No zoom feature

NechGear Score – 92 %

based on 9 expert reviews

User Score86% 

based on user 181 reviews  

The Optoma GT750E GameTime projector is an interesting addition to Optoma’s line of 3D home entertainment and gaming projectors. This compact device offers a feature-rich and comprehensive solution for hardcore and casual gamers alike. Designed for fast performance with top HD consoles and gaming PCs, the GT750E gaming projector delivers gameplay with stunning speed, high contrast and vivid colors.

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Expert reviews


By PCMag – 80%

Like the GT720, the GT750E is built around a DLP engine with a native WXGA (1,280 by 800) resolution. If have a PS3 or Xbox, that means it can show 720p HD images without having to scale the image at all. Of course, a 1080p native resolution would be even better, but, at this writing at least, you won’t find any 1080p projectors designed specifically for games.


By Projector Reviews – N/A

The 3D picture really looks good. Brightness is a whole lot better than most of the more expensive projectors to hit so far, as this is home entertainment, rather than home theater. Colors in 3D look pretty good, but they could be a bit better. The controls don’t allow a lot of fine-tuning of the color.


By MakeUseOf – 100%

If you thought your TV was big, think again – nothing beats a projector for the true home cinema and immersive 3D gaming experience. Not just for gaming, this device works great for general TV watching and movies in 2D or 3D, though you will need to adjust the brightness as it can be a little blinding with all the lights off.


By Projector Central – 100%

To help give you an immersive experience, it offers a short throw lens, which lets you sit close enough to the screen for the image to fill your field of vision and still be behind the projector where you don’t have to worry about casting shadows. It also offers an audio system that delivers both high volume and good sound quality, a 3000-lumen rating so it can throw a large image that can stand up to ambient light, and a DLP engine with a native 1280×800 resolution, so you can show games at 720p without scaling.


By Projectorpoint – N/A

You won’t need to worry too much about the ambient light in a room either as, with its 3,000 lumens and a native resolution of 1280×800, the device allows gamers to view a good quality image with no scaling.


By Gaming Nexus – 95%

As expected, the GT750E performed flawlessly while playing Skyrim during the many hours of gameplay I put in. The projector handled everything the game threw at it, including multiple skirmishes, light to dark transitions, incredible details of the environment and lastly, a big, bright and clear picture.


By Coolblue – 85%

Ik heb deze beamer gekozen, want heeft een speciale bolle lens, dus is de beeld 2x zo groot als andere beamers. Dus kon ik toch genieten van extra grote beeld in kleine woonkamer. De beamer staat maar 1,60 meter van de muur, en de beeld is al meer dan 2,20 meter breed!


By GamerFront – N/A

The Optoma GT750E is a projector that has a lot going for it. Its ability to be used in small spaces makes it appealing to those who might be stuck in a dorm or a small apartment and don’t want to fight for space. It displays 720p video natively and has no issues with ghosting, which makes it great for gaming.


By Audioholics – N/A

The GT750 brags a 3000 ANSI lumen output and 3000:1 contrast ratio. It is compatible with all video input types including HDTV, EDTV, SDTV, NTSC, PAL, and SECAM as well as PC and MAC compatible. The downside of the GT750 is that the projector’s native resolution is 720p. While it will accept 1080p, it downconverts it to its native resolution.


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