Makita CM501DZ is a rugged coffee maker that runs on power tool batteries

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Coffee and power tools. A combination you get with Makita CM5001DZ. This coffee maker was made by Makita, a Japanese tool manufacturer, and it’s designed for construction workers without the reach of functioning electrical outlets. The CM501DZ has hard plastic exterior (looks like power tool) and is using lithium-ion battery packs, the same ones that power Makita´s tools.

Makita CM501DZ is tougher than an average coffee maker, it is designed to withstand rough handling. One charge of the 18V battery can power the coffee maker long enough to brew approximately 5 cups of coffee. The company is selling various flavors of coffee pods that can be used for these machines, but you can use your own coffee grounds with them as well.

makita coffee machine

The Makita’s first cordless coffee maker was released in 2015 and gained huge popularity because it uses the same type of batteries as its power tools. The new model is available now in Japan for 11,900 yen excluding tax. The battery charger and battery are not included.

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