Lumzag Smart Carbon Fiber Bag

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Designed with high-end materials and boosted with 7 smart features. Meet Lumzag Smart Carbon Fiber Bag. An innovative and smart carry system offering a Backpack, Messenger, and CrossBody trinity.

Built-in wireless charger and power bank

You can easily charge your phone, tablet or laptop wirelessly on the go with the built-in 10,000 mAh power bank. You can also charge your AirPods using the special compartment in the bag. And because the power bank is removable, the Lumzag Bags are TSA approved.

Item reminder

Lumzag has special sensors to help track all your devices. Simply use the identification stickers (included) to mark your items, identify them in the Lumzag app, and that´s all. Lumzag will notify you if you leave them behind.


Lumzag Smart Bag

Lumzag is available in tree colors / © Lumzag


Inside Light

The backpack comes with a built-in LED light in the main compartment that turns on automatically when you open the back in the dark.

Open Alert

If someone tries to open the bag or steal it, the app will notify you and activate the high-pitch alarm when the distance between you and the bag is above the maximum you set.


Lumzag CrossBody

Lumzag CrossBody / © Lumzag


Real-time GPS tracking

Track the backpack wherever you are. Thanks to special technology the GPS tracking is free to charge. It doesn´t use mobile data.

Back view camera

An optional but cool feature. Thanks to the camera on the back, you can view what´s going on behind you and see it in live view mode on your smartphone.


Lumzag Messenger

Lumzag Messenger / © Lumzag


Global Wi-Fi hotspot

The specially designed built-in data sim card in Lumzag gives you an opportunity to have WiFi connection in the whole world with much lower prices than roaming internet.


The Lumzag Smart Carbon Fiber Bag is available on Indiegogo and the price is starting at $279. The established delivery is scheduled to be in December of 2018 if they surpass the funding goal. With over 959% of its goal already pledged, Lumzag is a reality at this point.

Designer: Lumzag Inc.


Image courtesy of Lumzag Inc.


Important Note: Lumzag is a crowd-funded Indiegogo project that has no guarantee of succeeding. This article is not an official promotion of Lumzag, and we are not responsible if the project does not succeed through crowdfunding. We are trying to introduce our audience interesting projects that have a high chance of success, but you, the reader, assume all responsibility by pledging your money to this project.

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