LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle: A Smarter Way To Stay Hydrated

After years of development, Reston, Virginia-based LifeFuels finally introduce its flagship product on the market. The Smart Nutrition Bottle.

A bottle that combines with an app to track both hydration and nutrition goals.

The smart bottle uses nutrient-enriched FuelPods that are mixed with water to provide your beverage flavor and that also contain a variety of functional ingredients such as vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants.

Each FuelPod creates up to 30 beverages, helping to reduce and remove the need for single-use plastic bottles.

The tech is pretty easy to use. You load the LifeFuels bottle with three FuelPods, which can craft up to 90 customized beverages, fill it with water, dispense, and mix.

So easy.

To dispense the concentrate of FuelPods into your water, you can use either a button on the bottle or a smartphone app.

Since you can insert up to three FuelPods into the smart bottle, you can combine the flavors to create a tasty beverage. LifeFuels currently offers 11 flavors, with more coming.

LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle
LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle (image credit: LifeFuels)

LifeFuels has also made sure that the smart bottle can withstand rough handling. The 500 ml bottle is made with an anodized aluminum shell and features a rechargeable battery that lasts up to four days between charges.

The full potential of the LifeFuels Smart Bottle will be unlocked after you pair it with the app.

From dynamically tracking hydration and consumption, to creating custom beverages to dispense, or ordering new pods, this app will be a useful companion to your smart bottle.

If you have a problem with staying hydrated then the LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle can help you.

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