Lever Gear BitVault – EDC Keychain Carry Case

Watertight carry case for small essential items you can carry with you every single day. Let’s introduce you to Lever Gear BitVault. A tool you never leave home without. 

The BitVault is a small carry case that doubles as a compact screwdriver. You can easily clip it to the keychain, pocket, or bag. It is a perfect sized case for transporting small items like pills, SD cards, cash, phone adapters, or toothpicks. 


Lever Gear BitVault
Lever Gear BitVault EDC Keychain Carry Case (Image credit: Lever Gear)


OK, cool. But how durable the Lever Gear BitVault is? The case itself is made from durable aluminum and zinc alloy construction and comes with a removable belt clip and removable organization tray to get you more versatility in the way you want to carry it

You can also choose from two anodized finishes, between Stealth Black or two-tone Metallic Gray designs.

Another cool feature about the Lever Gear BitVault has also a function as the dual, magnetic hex bit holder that can hold up to 6 hex bits (2 bits are included). So, you can put your hex bits into the front or bottom of the cap for use as a screwdriver or torque wrench.  


Lever Gear BitVault – EDC Keychain Carry Case

  • Clips on/off keychain with integrated carabiner style spring clip
  • Carries 6 Hex bits or small items
  • Dual magnetic hex bit sockets
  • Fits in pockets, bags, and hands
  • Watertight seal, secure latch cap
  • Durable metal alloy construction
  • Removable belt clip
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • BitVault Dimensions: 3.13 in x 1.18 in x 0.5 in
  • Storage Dimensions (plus cap) 51.4mm x 25.9mm x 9 mm
  • Internal Storage Volume: 11cm3+
  • Weight with belt clip: 1.02 oz (29 grams)


Are you interested in BitVault? You can buy it on Amazon or from the official Lever Gear website, but the main question here is… Is it really worth the price?

Because without a discount, BitVault is overpriced.

This is our opinion.

Yes it feels sturdy, comes with a great design, but the issue is that this tool is tiny, you can use it as a regular screwdriver.

The truth is, the Lever Gear BitVault is not designed to substitute your regular screwdriver, it is designed for spot repairs in the mind. It is just a great EDC bit holder, not a regular screwdriver.  



Lever Gear BitVault EDC Keychain Carry Case

Lever Gear BitVault

Lever Gear BitVault


Photos courtesy of Lever Gear


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