KARECEL Hand Warmer & Rechargeable USB Power Bank

Electric hand warmers have many advantages over the more traditional chemical hand warmers. They are elegant, effective, double-sided, and come with different levels of temperature.

KARECEL Hand Warmer is one of the most effective devices in this category. It comes with a 5200mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can warm your hands for up to 8 hours. Thanks to the large battery capacity, this electric warmer can also be used as a power bank.

While electric hand warmers have been on the market for years, they have only recently gained popularity due to improving technology and safety features. 

KARECEL Hand Warmer is a unit with improved safety features to prevent short circuits, skin scalding, and comes with safety switches, so your hands will stay safe and warm in the winter. And not only in winter. This is a great gift for any outdoor enthusiast who knows how challenging it is to keep the hands warm. That’s why this unit is ideal for camping, hiking, or as a useful travel companion. 

KARECEL Hand Warmer & Rechargeable USB Power Bank
KARECEL Hand Warmer & Rechargeable USB Power Bank (Image credit: KARECEL)


What’s more, KARECEL Warmer can be used not only for warming hands but also for feet, waist, belly, and knees. It may also help soothe the pain of stomach cramps, fatigue, Raynaud’s disease, syndrome, arthritis.

There are many different variants of this hand warmer available, but with the same design, the difference is only in the battery capacity and color of the body. 

This KARECEL Hand Warmer has a 5200mAH rechargeable battery that will last you up to 8 hours, and 3 different temperature levels – low, medium, and high. With a press of the button, you can heat up your hands as fast as in 3 seconds and with the temperature reaching up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit (55℃). 

The 5200mAh lithium-ion battery capacity can give a full charge to most popular devices on market, such as smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices charged via USB cable.

On this website, we have recently introduced our readers to Jomst 7800mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer. Why do I speak about it? Because these two electric hand warmers (and not only these two) have identical designs. They come with a universal size ideal for women’s and men’s hands, and a surface treated with silicone oil to get your hands a smooth and warm feeling.

The main difference between these models, except the battery capacity, is the fact that under the button and indicators, there is only one USB port. The Jomst Warmer has 3 charging ports: USB, Type-C, and Android port. However, KARECEL includes a USB-C to USB adapter without an extra fee.   


KARECEL Hand Warmer and Rechargeable USB Power Bank

  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and ABS material
  • Soft and comfy surface
  • Shockproof and explosion-proof
  • Radiation-free
  • Anti-scald and anti-skid
  • 3 seconds fast heating
  • 3 levels of temperature
  • Heating from 104 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit (40 – 55 degrees of Celsius)
  • Heating time up to 8 hours
  • Size: 4.1 x 2.1 x 1.1 inches ( 10,4 x 5,3 x 2,9 cm)


If keeping your hands warm is always a challenge, try this inexpensive electric hand warmer. It is so silent, that you can use it at your desk and your co-workers will never notice any noise.



KARECEL Hand Warmer

KARECEL Hand Warmer & Rechargeable USB Power Bank


Photos courtesy of KARECEL


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