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We Like

  • Good price
  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable and compact design
  • Port-free charging

We Don’t Like

  • No waterproof rating
  • Not the best sound

NechGear Score – 83 %

based on 15 expert reviews

User Score66% 

based on user 3240 reviews  

The Jaybird X3 are sports headphones that offer a secure fit that won’t budge, no matter what you’re doing. The overall sound quality of the headphones is excellent, not too bassy, good mids and highs. You can’t even tell that they are not wireless! It has also decent battery life, 8 hours on paper but you get more close to around 6 hours.

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Expert reviews


By Rtings – 79%

The Jaybird X3 are great sports headphones that are versatile enough for everyday casual use. They block a surprising amount of ambient noise, they’re compact, stable and have a decent sound quality that’s customizable thanks to the MySound app support.


By TechRadar – 90%

As with the X2s, the X3s are targeted at the sportier sorts, with the endorsement from athletes Lauren Fleshman and Brandon Johnson as well as a number of features that’ll appeal to more active users. But many of those same features also make the headphones just as convenient for the casual listener without pushing the price up too much.


By WhatHi-Fi – 60%

At first glance, the Jaybird X3s look just like your average pair of wireless earphones. They have chunky earpieces with a cable joining them together, and a remote by one side. However, they have a few special features, making them a smarter design than most. The ear hooks they use to stay firmly lodged in your ears are very effective.


By SoundGuys – 88%

Jaybird claims a battery life of 8 hours with the X3s, which matches that of the X2. It would’ve been nice to see them take a step forward in this department but I guess battery technology isn’t quite there yet considering how small it needs to be to fit in these. That said, we got a little under 8 hours of playback on average to a high volume which is still pretty good.


By TrustedReviews – 90%

The Jaybird X3 support Bluetooth 4.1, which brings with it some handy extras. For starters, you can pair the X3 with up to two devices simultaneously, dynamically switching, say, between a phone and a tablet.


By CNet – 84%

As a headset, the X3 performed well, but don’t expect business-class performance. There’s no noise-reduction technology built into the headphone, and it helps to move the microphone closer to your mouth, particularly in noisier environments. But I didn’t have any serious complaints from callers, and most said I sounded good.


By TechGuide – 80%

Even playing at their full volume (which is high but not loud enough to disturb others around you) there is no distortion.


By TheStreamingBlog – 90%

If one wants to go for a pair of quality wireless headphones, it’s imperative to go for Jaybird and its latest iteration, the X3. These headphones are an excellent choice for the active user. Its fit is secure while offering unparalleled listening comfort. Sound quality is superb and there’s no tradeoff with battery life. The Jaybird X3 rectified issues seen in other wireless headphones in the market.


By PCMag – 80%

First off, we tested the X3’s audio performance without employing the MySound app, but it is easy to add a little extra (or tone down a little) brightness or bass push to the earphones. In general, without the app, you get a bass-forward sound signature, but not one that upsets the overall balance with out-of-control low-end, as is the case with many exercise-focused earphones.


By Pocket-lint – N/A

They’re comfortable enough to wear for long periods, although the default medium tips do feel a little larger than those we’re used to testing. Still, this was a good thing in some ways, as it effectively sealed out ambient noise leaving us immersed in the audio rather than being distracted by what was going on around us.


By Digital Trends – 80%

The great noise isolation the X3 delivers is great for sound quality, but runners who want some ambient noise filtering through for safety reasons may need to try using a size smaller than the best fit to leak in some of the backgrounds with the tunes.


By Wired – 70%

The fit is much improved. The X3’s features a skinnier shape than their bulky predecessor, and they slide into more ears more easily. If the cable is too long, a simple plastic clip mechanism takes the slack out of the line and keeps it from flapping against your neck.


By Headphones.sg – N/A

The Jaybird X3 is a great pair of wireless headphones for casual listeners and sports enthusiasts alike. They’re small, comfortable and extremely well built. With double hydrophobic nano coating and redesigned super-tight seams we’ve got you covered in the rain, mud, sun, sweat, and tears – these buds will take a beating, and go wherever you go. In terms of battery life, the legendary X-Series battery life continues and gets better.


By Gizmodo – N/A

The most apparent improvement is to the bass. As in, there’s bass, a quality I found largely absent in the X2. Maybe it won’t satisfy the Beats-lovers of the world, but Jaybird managed to pack enough oomph into its 6mm drivers to provide a balanced sound—which can be further tweaked through its My Sound app, which saves EQ setting to the X3’s firmware.


By Our Beautiful Planet – 100%

Please please PLEASE do not breeze through the features of the Jaybird X3 and confuse water resistant/sweat proof with waterproof. These headphones will not work for swimming, you cannot submerge them and expect them to continue working.


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