Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Headphones – Reviews and Ratings

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We Like

  • Nice minimalistic desgin
  • Good battery life
  • Above average sound 
  • Stable in-ear fit

We Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Left/right ears not labeled

NechGear Score – 80 %

based on 13 expert reviews

User Score64% 

based on user 5689 reviews  

Jaybird X2 are great wireless in-ear headphones specially designed for sport enthusiasts. Their sound and call quality are above average, the fit is very comfortable and secure which is making from X2 a great working out headphones. These premium sport-centric earbuds come with a relative high price tag but it is nice to know you are covered by Jaybird’s lifetime warranty against sweat.

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Expert reviews


By TechRadar – 80%

The design of the X2 plays a big part in its performance, which is excellent across the board. While its earpieces can be knocked for being a little on the large side, this allows for better battery life than we usually find in these types of headphones. Not just that, the sound quality, with both phone and music playback, is impressive.


By SoundGuys – 90%

Like the sound quality, how well these block out noise will depend largely on what tips you’re using and how well they fit. The in-ear “fins” help to keep the headphones from moving around, so this will matter as well. Using the Comply foam tips I found that the Jaybird X2s provided effective passive isolation. I’m a noisy typist, but even at low volumes, I found that the sound of my keyboard was completely eliminated.


By TrustedReviews – 70%

If you’re in the market for a pair of sporty in-ears, then the Jaybird X2 have plenty going for them. Once you’ve found the perfect buds, they’re up there with the Jabra Pulse for sound quality and comfort. I do still have some reservations about the claimed battery life, but if you’re not planning to run a marathon with them, they should be fine.


By CNet – 78%

The X2 is one of the best sounding in-ear headphones out there and Jaybird hasn’t made any changes to the sound as far as I can tell. It’s a pretty well-balanced headphone with good clarity and a decent bass performance that isn’t overemphasized. There’s a slight bit of treble push and bass lovers may be a little disappointed the bass doesn’t have more oomph to it, but I liked the sound.


By PCMag– 80%

The look of the sweat-proof X2 is, appropriately, very sporty. Available in six color combinations with Game of Thrones-style nicknames (Alpha, Charge, Fire, Ice, Midnight, and Storm), you can choose from fairly muted tones to neon yellow.


By Gadgets 360 – 70%

The Jaybird X2 is a decent pair of Bluetooth earphones in all ways. Although there are some issues with the snugness of the fit, it’s easy to get used to. Charging is hassle-free, and battery life is better than we’re used to seeing on other wireless in-ear options such as the Jabra Sport Coach and Brainwavz Blu-100.


By FitnessTracker24 – 90%

The Jaybird X2 are among the smallest sports earphones. They count on a circuit board that wraps itself. They can be worn above the ear, that is how you will use them when doing physical activities, or you can use them under the ear, for a casual utilization.


By RTings – 81%

The Jaybird X2 are great sports headphones and a good choice for most use cases. They have a stable wireless design. a decent sound that unfortunately isn’t as customizable as the jaybird X3 but should still be good enough for most and they barely leak.


By The Gadgeteer – N/A

The earbuds themselves look to be a bit more ruggedized than the original. The X2’s are made from a hard plastic with a quality on par with other sport-centric earbuds in their price range and feature set. A thin, flat 21-inch rubber cord connects the two earbuds. Another improvement on the originals, the X2’s have a small ridge that holds the secure-fit ear fins in place much better than the Bluebuds X.


By MajorHiFi – N/A

The X2 isn’t the final word in in-ear wireless headphones. For the hype, we were definitely expecting more. However, it’s still a pretty awesome earphone. With decent construction, a good fit, and okay sound, there’s enough reason to recommend these to lots of people.


By BikeMag – N/A

As far as sound quality goes, the X2s hold their own against wired earphones at this price point. The audio remains crisp and clear with the volume maxed. A lot of earphones will overdo the low tones, drowning out the mids with deep, but gravelly sounds.


By Tech Times – N/A

And what, then, of the most important bit? The X2s sound great. It’s here that the headphones really start living up to the somewhat lofty price tag. Unlike much of the competition, the Jaybirds don’t lean too heavily on amplified bass to compensate for their shortcomings. Instead, the headphones offer a solid and distinct mix of lows, highs, and mids.


By Redmond Pie – N/A

Being a music lover, I was more than pleased with the X2’s excellent audio performance, which the earbuds maintain over a variety of genres, from EDM to hip-hop, rock and more. Despite being wireless and compact, they still provide great bass and clean audio. The earbuds are also capable of not only letting you listen to your music wirelessly but also take calls. This feature, too, did not fall short in the quality department. When I took a phone call and asked for feedback on the sound quality, the caller could not tell I was using headphones.


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