How to Minimize Large Pores on Face in Men

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, we all have skin pores.

But the truth is, men have larger pores on their face than women, and those pores are producing more oil.

That’s why many of us have more breakouts on the face.

If you have ever asked yourself how to get rid of large pores, we made a simple guide. 

Why Do You Have Large Pores?

But first, let us explain something. Pores are critical in keeping your skin healthy. They are here to provide the surface of your skin with oil and sweat. 

But sometimes, your pores can get larger. And on the face or nose, larger pores are really easy to see. 

There are multiple factors that will enlarge your pores on your faces such as age, skin buildup, genetics, or excess oil production. 


How to Minimize Large Pores on Face in Men

Since you can’t make your pores disappear, here are few tips on how to minimize them. In other words, how to make them look smaller. 


Keep Your Skin Clean

Minimize Large Pores on Face in Men

Under this simple sentence is hiding the fact that every modern man should develop a daily skincare routine. A routine where you are cleansing your face twice a day (morning and before bed). 

Please avoid using a soap bar on your face. It is not designed for soft skin on your face and may contain ingredients that dry out the skin. Use a noncomedogenic facial cleanser instead. The noncomedogenic label means that the product won’t clog your pores.

As for facial cleansers, aim for products with salicylic acid or with zinc and magnesium, which can help restore the oil balance of your skin and clear pores at the same time. 



We already wrote a large portion of articles about the significant effect of exfoliation on male skin. Yes, right, exfoliation is not only for women,

In fact, regular exfoliation is more important for men because our skin is producing more oil which leads to frequent breakouts. 

While washing your face with a facial cleanser is great for you, it is a short-term solution. It helps you fight against extra oil or other skin buildups, but only for a day. Exfoliating two times per week has the same effect on your skin as daily cleaning. 

However, if you have oily or combination skin, you will have naturally large pores thanks to your genetics. 


Don’t Forget To Use Sunscreen

Sun is critical for every human being, but too much exposure to UV rays is making your skin aging faster and makes your pores look larger. 

A great idea is to use a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30. Such products will keep your skin moisturized and protected against UV rays at the same time. 


Use A Toner

If you suffer from oily skin, a good idea is to add balancing toner to the skincare routine. A quality toner can reduce oil buildup, minimize pores, and prevent inflammation.

Use toner in the morning after you cleanse your face, it will refresh it, and then use a face moisturizer. For best results, find balancing toner with natural ingredients like cucumber, peppermint, and hazel.


Wash Your Face Before You Go Sleep

Never go to bed without washing your face. It is one of the biggest mistakes many of us are making before we go to sleep. 

During the day, you build up dirt, oil, and pollution on your face. Before you go to bed, you need to use a gentle face wash to clean your face, and then hydrate it with a moisturizer.