Haxson AirFan is a stylish combination of fan, heater, and purifier.

Haxson Smart AirFan. The smart in the name of this device is not here for marketing purposes. It really stands for the smart multi-feature device.

The Haxson AirFan is the perfect modern addition to any bedroom.

With state-of-the-art heating and cooling, remote control functionality, Alexa compatibility, and an integrated LED light, UVC filter, and air purifier – not to mention a digital clock and Bluetooth speaker – this sleek device is sure to be the centerpiece of your bedroom.

Perfect for managing personal microclimates and making your home a little more comfortable, the Haxson AirFan will help to create a comfortable environment while saving you money on heating and cooling costs.

This innovative AirFan allows you to control your home’s heating and cooling without having to turn up the thermostat all day.

Haxson AirFan Features

  • Purifier
  • Heater
  • Fan
  • Light
  • Alarm
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • Speaker
  • Remote
  • UV-C
  • USB
  • Noise level: 25db

In case you don’t want to have this fan to be over your head, don’t worry.

Haxson comes with a stand, so you can mount it anywhere, in a horizontal or vertical position. Just use your imagination… kid’s bedroom, the foot of their bed, near the dog bed, in the living room, at your home office, and more.

Since the Haxson AirFan is now available only on Kickstarter, even you can enjoy the $199 early bird pricing.

Haxson is a smart AirFan
Haxson AirFan is awesome
Haxson Smart AirFan

Images are courtesy of Haxson

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