Guide To Plug And Socket Types By Country

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Traveling is exciting. What isn’t exciting is to arrive at the destination and discover you need to charge your phone, but…

They have different socket type!

We’ve all been there.

Traveling to another country often means you have to bring a power converter with you. Did you know, that there are 15 different types of electric plugs in use around the world, each of which goes by whatever name their adoptive countries choose? And most of our travel essentials need the power to function!

What now!

Good news is that converters are affordable, the bad is you will need a different one depending on which country you’re visiting. The best solution is to get an all-in-one adapter (our tip: Targus World Power Travel Adapters) that will work all around the world. You can also buy only the single one designed for the country or city you are planning to go. In this case, make sure you check all the plug types before you leave.

To avoid future mistakes we have compiled an easy-to-use visual guide to the power plugs and sockets of the world.


Guide To Plug And Socket Types By Country


Type A – USA, Canada, Mexico, and Japan
Type B – A grounded version of Type A
Type C – Europe, South America, and Asia
Type D – India
Type E – France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic
Type F – Europe and Russia, except for the UK & Ireland (Types C, E, and F are all cross-compatible)
Type GUnited Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia and Singapore
Type H – Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip
Type I – Australia, New Zealand, China and Argentina
Type J – Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Rwanda
Type K – Denmark and Greenland
Type L – Italy and Chile
Type M – South Africa
Type N – Brazil
Type O – Thailand



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