Giant 25 Foot Slip and Slide

Become the most popular kid on the block by sprawling this giant 25 foot slip and slide in your backyard.

Slip and slides are one of the most popular backyard activities. Unfortunately, they can be hard to set up and take up a lot of space. This is where an inflatable slip and slide come in handy! They’re easy to set up, they come with their don’t require any tools.

25 Foot Slip and Slide

Let’s try this extremely durable giant 25 foot slip and slide that is made from extra-thick, heavy-duty, super-slick embossed PVC.

The WOW Mega Slide is a fantastic way to cool off during the summer. Every foot of the slide features a zig-zag patterned, 25′ embedded sprinkler system that connects to the standard backyard hose.

This giant 25 foot slip and slide is the ultimate kids’ play structure, providing hours of fun and entertainment.