Geekey Multi-Tool is a Key-Shaped Pocket Tool Perfect For Your Keyring

Are you looking for a cool thing you can put on your keychain? Geekey multi-tool is an innovative tool with a durable and ultra-compact design almost perfect for your everyday carry.

Made of solid 420 stainless steel, so you should expect a good strength, longevity, decent impact resistance, and pretty good resistance against corrosion.

“Geekey is made by Metal Injection Molding (MIM) 420 Stainless Steel and then heat treated to H900. Both the material and injection process were selected to ensure that Geekey could withstand a lifetime of use.

Please note: Geekey has a small dent on the handle edge, which is normal and is a result of the metal injection molding manufacturing technique. The small dent has no impact on the performance.

We all are looking for versatility in EDC essentials, and with Geekey multi-tool, you get over 16 different functions that each provide multiple uses.

Which functions? Be ready, it is a long list…

Geekey features include can opener, wire stripper, scoring tip, a serrated edge, smoking pipe, file, metric and imperial ruler, bottle opener, protractor, lanyard hole, multi-head fit driver, screwdriver tip, bike spoke key, metric and imperial closed wrench, open wrench and bit driver.


Geekey tool
Geekey is a multi-tool with over 16 functions. (Image credit: Carve Design)

As you see, the Geekey multi-tool is designed to go everywhere with you.

Even if you are not an EDC junkie, Geekey should be the problem-solving utility you have always with you. And it is worth mention, that Geekey is one of the best micro tools on the market.

Yes, the price is a little bit higher, but you get a highly durable, corrosion-resistant, compact, and TSA compliant tool, that will last you a lifetime. Or until you lose it :).

Geekey Multi-tool Features

  • Smoking pipe
  • 3.2/3.3mm bike spoke key
  • Screwdriver tip that will fit a #2/3 Slotted, #2 Square Drive, #2/3 Phillips, and #2/3 Combinations (Phillips/Slotted or Phillips/Square)
  • Imperial and metric closed wrench
  • ¼ inch open wrench
  • ¼ inch bit driver
  • Scoring tip
  • Serrated edge
  • Can opener
  • Wire stripper
  • File
  • Imperial and metric ruler
  • Protractor
  • Bottle opener
  • Multi-head fit driver
  • Lanyard hole


Geekey multi-tool is an incredibly useful addition to the EDC lineup of almost any man. The high-quality materials, multiple functions, and the key-shaped design, all these features speak for Geekey.



Geekey multi tool

Geekey tool


Photos courtesy of Carve Design


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