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Innovative, compact and easy to carry. And the best part – it fulfills the purpose. FlexYah Stool is a folding seat made of flat paper that you can be pack away in a cupboard or backpack.

This lightweight stool is a fantastic idea. You don’t have to stand for a long time anywhere because you have something to sit with you – it is in your backpack.

The FlexYah Stool Seat is extremely small, yet able to support up to a 400lb adult. It can be unfolded into a round single seat or you can use the stool as an ottoman.

The FlexYah Stool comes in a 2 pack, white and brown colors and is almost perfect for quick seating for small rooms or tiny spaces.

FlexYah Stool Seat

FlexYah Is An Incredible Stool

FlexYah Stool Seat / Image credit: Expand Furniture


Designer: Expand Furniture


Images and video credit: Expand Furniture