There is still a lot of confusion about what really barefoot shoes means. Many people think, that they are just shoes your wear without socks.

Actually, barefoot shoes can be described as a minimalist version of conventional shoes. They allow your feet to move naturally and to feel the ground – without a worry about damaging your feet.

It is a style of footwear that gives you a true barefoot feeling and performance. But can these shoes be stylish?

Let´s take a look at Feelgrounds, barefoot shoes without compromise between functionality and style. A combination of health benefits of barefoot with a nice casual look. Sneakers built for everyday use, providing natural walking experience.

The Feelgrounds are thin, lightweight, and comfortable. Made of durable materials, these sneakers provide enough space for your toes to spread.


Feelgrounds specs:


  • Upper: Recycled Polyester Mesh Fabric
  • Outsole: Special Footwear TPE (recyclable)
  • Laces: Recycled PET

Colors: Black and Red / Navy Blue / Light Blue / Dusty Pink / All Black / All White/ Black and White


Do you want to wear Feelgrounds? You can pledge the crowdfunding campaign and after successfully backed, the shoes will be shipped worldwide this Summer 2019. 

Designer: Feelgrounds™ Barefoot Shoes


Ultimate barefoot sneakers

Barefoot sneakers Feelgrounds

Feelgrounds sneakers


All images via Feelgrounds


Feelgrounds is a crowd-funded project that has no guarantee of succeeding. This article is not an official promotion of the Feelgrounds, and we at Nechgrear are not responsible if the project does not succeed through crowdfunding. We are trying to introduce our audience interesting projects that have a high chance of success, but you, the reader, assume all responsibility by pledging your money to this project.