6 Effective Home Remedies for a Runny Nose

One of the most common cold symptoms is a runny nose. A runny nose is caused by inflammation of the nasal passages and sinuses, which leads to excessive production of mucus. Contrary to popular belief, a runny nose can also be caused by allergies or medications.

Runny noses can be unpleasant, especially if you have a cold. On its own, getting a runny nose is not usually a symptom that should scare you. But if you have other symptoms as well, then it’s time to see your doctor. In any case, don’t panic and try out some easy natural home remedies first!

Take a Hot Shower

A hot shower is one of the best ways to combat a stuffy nose. Whether you are sick or just need a break from the winter cold, hot water can help unblock your sinuses, loosen up your throat and make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Steam is one of the most effective ways to treat congestion, so for best results, place your face and sinuses directly in the steam and spray of the shower.

Get a Humidifier

Remedies for a Runny Nose

A vaporizer or humidifier is a simple yet effective way to keep your nasal passages from drying out. These appliances can reduce congestion, dryness, and other symptoms of colds and allergies. While there are many types of vaporizers, cool-mist machines are the most widely used because they produce less heat than warm-mist models.

A humidifier is an appliance that helps to keep the air moist. When you breathe in moisture it helps to thin mucus and soothe irritated sinuses. Humidifiers are a great investment for those who suffer from asthma, allergies, or the common cold.

Use Ginger

It’s cold season and that means a lot of colds. This is why it is important to have the right remedies for your symptoms.

Ginger is a common remedy for runny noses because it helps relieve nasal congestion. It can also help reduce the severity of cold symptoms such as headache, fever, and even pain from muscle aches. Ginger may also help with nausea and vomiting that often come with motion.

Ginger roots have been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years. Ginger has a warming effect that can help treat cold symptoms like a sore throat, congestion, coughing, and sneezing.

This effect may come from its ability to stimulate blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels. Consuming ginger can keep you warm, contribute to your sweating and help your body fight infections.

Apply a Warm Compress

It can be difficult to make it through the day when you’re suffering from a headache or sinus pain as a result of congested nasal passages.

There are many things you can do to try and ease the discomfort, but sometimes this relief is just temporary. But have you ever considered your nasal congestion might be causing your headache?

If so, try placing a warm compress directly over your nose and forehead.

This can help relieve nasal inflammation and pressure, an important first step towards feeling better.


We all know that drinking fluids are important to help hydrate us, but what about when you have a runny nose? It can be difficult to know if you are drinking enough fluids because you don’t feel thirsty. The best way to tell if you are hydrated is by looking at your urine. If your pee is clear, you are most likely sufficiently hydrated.

Staying hydrated when you have a runny nose can be tricky. When you’re congested, it’s easy to mistake thirst for nasal congestion. To make sure you’re drinking enough, start by sipping water every time you sneeze or feel a runny nose coming on.

Eat spicy foods

Many people believe that spicy food can worsen a runny nose. This is because the capsaicin found in these foods can stimulate the pain receptors in your nose and make your nasal passages feel even more irritated. However, one study has shown that eating spicy foods may actually relieve nasal congestion.

Spices like cayenne pepper, habanero, wasabi, or even ginger can relieve sinus issues. These spices can create a feeling of heat when eaten and help dilate passageways in the body which in turn can lead to a myriad of health benefits including lower blood pressure, improved digestion and they can be calming for people with nasal congestion.

Final Thoughts

If you’re feeling like your nose is constantly running, there are plenty of natural remedies that can help. If you want to get relief from a runny nose without the use of medication, we have mentioned the following remedies which can help. 

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