Meet Dragonfly, The Luxury Hyperscooter With Incredible Stability

Advanced materials, incredible stability, 3-dimensional steering, and drive system. No, we aren’t talking about a car. We are describing Dragonfly, the world’s first hyperscooter developed by London-based D-Fly Group.

According to Jez Williman, founder of D-Fly Group, the Dragonfly Hyperscooter is the urban mobility equivalent to the supercar and they’re very proud of that. Equipped with dual motors with 1800 watts per wheel capable to reach top speeds of 38mph (61kmh), and a removable rechargeable battery that provides 28 miles of range (45km), this scooter is aiming for high-adrenaline loving enthusiasts.

A world-first 3-dimensional steering and drive system, working in combination with independent spring damped double wishbone suspension and Ackerman steering geometry. Unmistakable detail normally reserved for the most exclusive luxury automotive brands and a rider experience never seen before, it’s a quantum leap forward.

Dragonfly Hyperscooter is the urban mobility equivalent to the supercar (image credit: D-Fly Group)


If the top speed and futuristic design aren’t so exciting for you, riding the Dragonfly scooter has also other advantages. With an ultra-low center of gravity and maximum road traction, the hyperscooter is incredibly stable at any speed.

Add to this a one-handed operation, automotive-grade lighting, huge stopping power, a unique turning circle, puncture-free tires, on-board storage for your laptop, multiple alarm system, and an RFID key fob… it sounds good to be true.


Dragonfly scooter
Dragonfly Hyperscooter (image credit: D-Fly Group)

Dragonfly Specs And Features:

  • Top Speed: 38mph (61.1kmh)
  • Range: up to 28.5 miles (46km)
  • Gradient: Full performance of up to 28%
  • Power: 3.6Kw (1800 Watt per front wheel)
  • Charge input: 50.4V, 4 amps constant current/constant voltage
  • Ride Modes: Surge, Dart, Glide, Hover
  • Versions: 3 wheel, and 4 wheel version
  • Security: Manual lock, RFID locking chip, motion sensor, anti-theft alarm
  • More: Bluetooth support, onboard safety sound, electric horn, GPS navigation, app integration.


Dragonfly hyperscooter
Dragonfly is available in 4 different colors (image credit: D-Fly Group)


However, the first production is estimated in Summer 2020 and will be limited to 500 special editions. If you like this concept, you can check out more details or even pre-order the Dragonfly scooter on the official website.

Designer: D-Fly Group


All images via D-Fly Group