3 Common Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Skin

No one is perfect, especially when it comes to skincare. There are lots of things many men do every single day that can ruin the skin.

To help your skin looking fresh and healthy, we have put together a short guide of 3 common mistakes that are ruining a men’s skin.

And we are adding a few habits that have a negative effect as well.


Using A Soap Bar To Wash Face

This is a huge mistake. Using a soap bar to wash your face is a quick way to damage the incredibly delicate, sensitive, and handsome skin of your face.

The classic soap bar we used for years isn’t the best product for a face. Yes, they are great at removing dirt and excess oil from face skin, however, they also remove the natural oils your skin needs to stay fresh, flexible, and hydrated.

lightening soap for dry skin

In order to maximize your sexy look, you need to use a face wash twice a day that doesn’t dry and strips, but cleans all the dirt that builds up over the day.

When you go to purchase a face wash, you must consider your skin type. The skin types vary; they include dry, oily, sensitive, and normal skin. It is also essential to know the ingredients and components of the face wash. Natural ingredients with nourishing properties are more preferable.

Do you have oily skin? Here are the best face washes for men with oily skin. You should also check out our guide for men who need help to get rid of oily skin.


Using Body Wash On Hair

We know that there are tons of body washes that are advertised as 2-in-1 products, so you are allowed to clean your body and wash your hair with it, but don’t do it.

Yes, it’s efficient. You take a shower, clean your body, and hair with one product. Awesome. But do you think a body wash on your hair will get you good results? No way. The body wash is designed for your skin, it cant treat your hair as effectively as a shampoo.

A good men’s shampoo will deliver ingredients to your hair that leave it looking fuller, healthier, and shinier. It will deeply cleanse your hair, promotes hair growth, and create a volumizing effect. And have you ever seen a body wash that can help your hair to prevent and fight dandruff?


Using Foaming Shave Cream

When it comes to shaving foam creams or shaving gel, it all depends on the type of skin and stubble a person has. We bet, you tried both and have found a product that works for you. But when you use foaming shave cream, it doesn’t provide much lubrication while shaving. It may also contain oil which may result in breakouts and cuts.

To get the best results, you take a look at some natural shave creams for men with a lotion base that is non-lathering.

We all have plenty of room for improvement when it comes to our skincare and grooming routines. These are just 3 common skincare mistakes, but there are some daily routines (habits) that may damage your skin as well.

Smoking: When you smoke, you are adding ages to your face. With one cigarette, you inhale over 4,000 chemicals that cause inflammation and stress in your skin. It is already proven, that long-time smokers develop wrinkles earlier because toxins in the smoke damage collagen and elastin molecules in the skin.

Skipping On Sunscreen: Sunshine contains ultraviolet (UV) rays that are damaging. Sun affects all skin types and can damage your skin even when it’s cloudy outside. Protect your skin from getting pigmented, saggy, and wrinkled. Using SPF have to be a part of your daily routine.

You Exfoliating Too Much: Chemical or physical exfoliation is good for your skin. During exfoliation, you are removing dead skin and dirt which can clog the pores and cause acne, irritation, itch, inflammation, dryness, and much more. However, scrubbing too hard and too often may damage your skin and its ability to retain moisture.

You Are Not Washing Your Face Before Bed: During a day, you build up dirt, oil, and pollution on your face. Before you go to bed, you need to use a gentle face wash to clean your face, and then hydrate it with a moisturizer.


Main photo by Tadeusz Lakota