CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Titanium Watch

After a successful campaign for MY Titanium Edition, billed as a luxury that everyone can afford, CIGA Design is introducing a new men´s watch edition.

A luxury timepiece for people who love mechanical watches, but don’t want to spend a fortune. The CIGA Design Z-Series is a transparent fully automatic timepiece made from Titanium and Sapphire Crystal for extroverts who love a visual miracle on the wrist.

The Z Series Titanium Edition concept is based on a geometrical fully transparent design that reveals every part of its intricate mechanics. One of the watch’s notable features is the curved sapphire crystal watch glass, which is one of the most scratch-resistant materials—with a Mohs hardness second only to diamond. Its durability allows users to wear the watch even in rainy conditions. It is paired with an elegant high-quality Italian leather strap and comes with an additional every-day skin-friendly 3-D food-grade silicone strap for ultimate comfort.


GIGA Design Titanium


Titanium was chosen as the material for the case because it is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic and gives the user a more comfortable fit for daily use. What’s more, this material is also lighter and stronger than steel, so you will definitely enjoy wearing the watch.

CIGA is powered by custom-made Seagull AAA automatic self-winding mechanics, the self-winding watch can store up to 40 hours of energy with maximal precision. No manual winding required.

This timepiece is designed by world-class artists and watchmakers, to represent true sincerity and openness. As you wear this watch and listen to the mechanical heartbeat, you will admire the superb craftsmanship, and feel the intricacy of CIGA Design. The GIGA Z-Series is expertly finished and has a unique award-winning design which makes this a fantastic watch.

CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Titanium Watch Specs:

  • Size: 40.8mm
  • Length: 250mm (including strap)
  • Strap: 22mm
  • Thickness: 12.3mm
  • Weight: 73g with a silicone strap
  • Water-resistance: 3ATM
  • Case material: Grade-2 Titanium

GIGA Design Titanium


For $249, you get one CIGA Design Titanium Watch with silicone strap (black or orange). You can’t deny that this is a fantastic value for money. If you are interested. you can find more specifications and purchasing options on the official Indiegogo project page

Designer: CIGA Design


All images via CIGA Design