Can Orange Peels Be Used For Anything? (8 Amazing Things You Can Do With Them)

I guess, like everyone else, you always start by skinning an orange, throwing away the peels, and then eating it.

However, if you have been throwing away orange peels or skins after eating the fruit, then stop doing that.

Orange peels smell delicious, despite their slightly bitter taste, and believe me there are numerous reasons not to discard those citrusy peels.

In this article, I will share 8 reasons why you should never throw away your orange peels.

Improve Skin Tone

orange peels benefits

Orange peels are readily available and it is easy to find plenty of recipes for preparing orange peel-based beauty products. They are also inexpensive and can be used as a part of daily skincare routine.

That said, orange peels have long been used as a natural remedy for skin discoloration or blemishes. They help lighten the spots that they come across on the skin and also brighten up your complexion.

What’s more, orange peels are full of vitamin C, which is an important ingredient for our skin.

Vitamin C is the first antioxidant we naturally produce from food and helps neutralize free radicals in our body, so it’s no surprise that this vitamin is so important for our skin. It also gives your skin a healthy glow by fighting dullness and adding suppleness. Orange peel is full of this powerful antioxidant which can be used to safeguard your skin as well as use it for a natural sunscreen.

Fights Aging Signs

Citrus fruits are a healthy addition to the diet, with their peel containing much more vitamin C than the fruit itself. While eating the fruit itself is a good idea, those who want to get the most out of their citrus should eat the peel and enjoy its many health benefits.

But did you know that you can make a face mask with orange peel powder? Making a face mask with orange peel powder is the perfect solution for fighting the effects of aging. This powder has tons of antioxidants that will fight off the free radicals that cause wrinkles and sagging skin.

In fact, the antioxidant-rich orange peel is a natural way to fight free radicals and wrinkles. This fruit is full of skin-friendly vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that reduce the damage of free radicals on your skin. The antioxidants in orange peels can also make your face look brighter and more vibrant!

Whitens Teeth

Have you ever tried using an orange peel on your teeth to whiten them? It’s a DIY technique that is easy to do and can be done at home.

Orange peels can help reduce teeth staining by absorbing excess food and drink stains. They also contain high levels of d-limonene, which prevents cavities, bacteria, and plaque formation.

D-limonene is a powerful citrus solvent that you can find in orange peels. It has bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal properties that can kill harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay. It has been known to be effective at removing surface stains as well as helping reduce bacteria in the mouth which will improve the health of your teeth.

Help With Weight Loss

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As you perhaps know, vitamin C is a powerful nutrient that has been suggested as a weight-loss tool. Orange peels contain high levels of this vitamin and have been shown to help with weight loss by increasing metabolism, decreasing appetite, and boosting energy. In order to aid your weight loss goals, try to replace coffee or soda with orange peel tea.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

The use of orange peels in cooking and a range of other applications have been performed for years. But did you know that orange peel can be effective in lowering levels of LDL cholesterol?

It is thought that the antioxidant properties of vitamin C and bioflavonoids stored in oranges help to reduce LDL cholesterol.

Recent studies have shown that bioflavonoids in orange peel help to increase your body’s antioxidant capacity and lower LDL levels. This is helpful for people who have high cholesterol or other risk factors for heart disease.

So, this is another reason to add orange peel tea into your diet.

Works as a Natural Air Freshener

Let’s face it: Oranges smell fantastic and their peels smell fantastic as well. The power of orange peels to freshen the air is amazing.

Orange peels maybe your best natural option for removing bad smells from your home, office, or vehicle. For example, the citrus fruit’s unique surface and the porous structure can trap molecules of bad smells and emit a pleasant fragrance.

You can use these same qualities to cleanse your space. Simply place an orange peel in a bowl filled with water and leave it overnight to absorb foul odors.

Repels Mosquitos and Ants

An orange peel is a natural and widely-used repellent that has been used for centuries. This is because it contains limonene.

Limonene is one of the compounds found in orange peels that repel insects like mosquitos and ants. Limonene is also found in lemons, grapefruit, limes, and grapefruit. This makes those citrus fruits especially useful to keep unwanted bugs away from our homes.

The best way of using an orange peel is to mix it with water into a spray, which can then be sprayed on areas you want to protect. You can also sprinkle the crushed peels in plant trays and pots to keep ants away.

Removes Stinky Sink Odors

Many people just throw away the orange peels after they have eaten the fruit because they think it is too wasteful to use them for a different purpose. However, you can use these orange peels to remove the smell from your kitchen sink and make it smell fresh.

Yes, orange peels can be used to remove an unpleasant smell from your kitchen sink. To get rid of this smell, try to grate them to make tiny bits that will sop up all the bad smells and keep your sink smelling great!

This is an easy solution for a common problem: getting rid of the stinky sink smell and keeping your kitchen cleaner than before!

Final Thoughts

Orange peels have been used for centuries as a waste product. However, in recent times, people are beginning to understand the benefits of orange peels.

And in this article, I shared with you some interesting ways to stop you from throwing them away.

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