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Using moisturizer made of quality natural ingredients is an integral part of a proper grooming routine. 

You have to moisturize your skin at least twice a day.

A good product will lock water in the skin and create a bright and young-looking face. And after a certain age, a good moisturizer will also fine lines and smooth the wrinkles.

However, a good moisturizer for men doesn’t have to be expensive.

That’s why I like the Bulldog Skincare brand. A budget-friendly skincare company with a wide range of products for modern men that are made only from natural ingredients. 

Here is my review on Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser, a product that I used daily to get my skin a more nourished and hydrated look.

Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser Review

As a man with sensitive oily skin, I have to find my own grooming routine. Exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing. A holy grail of grooming routine. I found my favorite products in each of these categories.

I’ve tested a lot of products by myself, and honestly, many luxury skincare brands did not satisfy me as much as Bulldog Skincare for men. 

I have my own experience with Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser, and I was really satisfied with its effect on the face of a thirty-year-old guy. But at the moment of writing this review, I moved on to something better. 

Why? I’ll be happy to explain later


First Impression

Bulldog is a popular brand from the U.K. with a wide range of grooming products for men. All their products are made from natural ingredients and have the same design. Don’t expect something fancy, all Bulldog’s products have a minimalistic white design with a huge black logo.  


Bulldog Mens Skincare and Grooming Sensitve Moisturizer, 3.3 Ounce
  • Our Sensitive Face Moisturizer contains Baobab, oat oil, and willow herb. It has been specifically formulated to hydrate the skin without leaving skin greasy or sticky.
  • All our Sensitive products are fragrance free to help minimize irritation.
  • Incredible natural skin care ingredients with carefully selected man-made ingredients to deliver super performance at an affordable price.
  • All our products are purpose built for men and contain amazing natural ingredients.
  • Our products never contain artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, or ingredients from animal sources.

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How Do You Use a Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser?

Exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize. This is what you need to do if you have oily skin like me. I’m using Bulldog Face Scrub twice a week to get my face rid of dead cells. 

Morning and evening, I’m using a sensitive face wash. And I really, really like Bulldog Sensitive Face Wash to do the job. It is an insane combination of price and performance. My face is feeling really clean and refreshed. 


Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser Review


After I clean my face, it is time to use moisturizer. At this moment, your face needs important hydration.

The Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser has a nice formula that is mild, fragrance-free, and with few ingredients. It leaves a sensitive complexion without causing irritation.


What Does It Contain: Main Ingredients

Bulldog Sensitive Face Wash (100 ml, or 3.3 oz.) is paraben-free, fragrance-free, vegan, and made from natural ingredients. The main ingredients in this product are baobab oil, wheat, and oat extracts or willow herb. 


Is Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser Good?

Bulldog Skincare is a combination of natural quality ingredients, effectiveness, and price. And this is really what you get with this product.

This is a good moisturizer without chemical nasties, which is really effective and doesn’t cost too much. 

It doesn’t make the skin feel oily and it doesn’t cause any breakouts. Overall, it feels good on the skin, does the job well, and has a nice scent. 

However, I like to use a moisturizer with SPF during the day. Such products are more effective than the standard moisturizer at helping to prevent aging within the skin because it protects from UV rays. 

And for the night? I found something better.

But this is my personal opinion. If you are looking for a cheap, but good moisturizer made from natural ingredients that can be easily absorbed into the skin without leaving it feeling greasy… then Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser is for you. If you want to save money, you should know that this product is a part of cost-effective Bulldog Skincare Sensitive Full Face Kit

It’s a good moisturizer, not great. It’s perfect for men who are starting with a regular grooming routine. But one day, such men will find better moisturizers, a product that cares better about their skin. 


Where To Buy Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser?

This product, like most other Bulldogs skincare products, is available on Amazon, Walmart, Target, or at the Bulldog official website.



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Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser Review
Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser
This is a good moisturizer without chemical nasties, which is really effective and doesn't cost too much. 
Reader Rating3 Votes