Brickell Men’s Daily Advanced Face Care Routine I

A proper daily skincare routine is crucial for men to maintain healthy-looking skin.

And it is important to realize that skincare does not have to be complicated.

Exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize.

This is the rule.

And always go for the quality.

If you are not certain in which products you should invest your money in, then Brickell Men’s Daily Advanced Face Care Routine I is made for you.

A skincare kit with all the essential products you need – face scrub for exfoliation, face wash for cleaning your precious face, and a moisturizer to get soft and healthy skin.

Brickell is one of the go-to skincare brands right now, and their products are made from natural and organic ingredients. They are heavily focusing on the quality of their product, but you have to pay a premium price.

This is not a cheap brand. While there is nothing wrong with budget skincare products, stuff from Bulldog Skincare are fantastic value for the money, but sometimes, budget products are hit and miss.

Brickell is a brand with premium products, and with higher prices. Be prepared for that.

So, what you get in this skincare kit exactly? You get products that are developed for men with normal or oily skin types.

Brickell Men’s Daily Advanced Face Care Routine I

Brickell Men's Daily Advanced Face Care Routine I
Brickell Men’s Daily Advanced Face Care Routine I kit (Image credit: Brickell Men’s Products)

Renewing Face Scrub for Men

Exfoliation is a hugely underrated part of the skincare routine. But you know what? It is insanely important. This is a process where you get rid of dead cells on your skin and let a new, healthy skin shiny.

It is not a daily routine… no.. no, such treatment will hurt worse your skin condition. Twice a week is enough to see a change.


Clarifying Gel Face Wash for Men

This is a serious part. Cleaning your face is crucial if you want to get healthy and good-looking skin. This should be a serious part of your daily routine. DAILY.

After you wake up, it is a good time to use the face wash to clean the face, but most important is to use it before you get into bed. You have to wash away any dirt you build up through the day from your face.

The Clarifying Gel Face Wash is a rich and foaming gel that washes away oil using a combination of coconut and Aloe Vera powers. The result is an anti-septic cleansing and a brighter, and clearer complexion.


Daily Essential Face Moisturizer for Men

Cleaning a face isn’t the end of your routine. Now, it is time to use a product that will hydrate, nourish, renew, and protect the clean skin.

A time for moisturizer. The Daily Essential Face Moisturizer from Brickell is a fantastic, light, and fast-absorbing oil-free product great for men with normal, oily, or combination skin.

Packed with high-quality ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Green tea, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter that is particularly awesome for nourishing the skin with Vitamins A, E, and F.

This is a product that will definitely alleviate your skin, reduce water loss and help to reverse signs of aging.



Brickell Men's Daily Advanced Face Care Routine I
Brickell Men’s Daily Advanced Face Care Routine I (Image credit: Brickell Men’s Products)


Are Brickell products worth it?

As we already mentioned, Brickell products are not the cheapest on the market. You are paying a premium price for the highest quality. You should know, Brickell skincare line is worth every penny.


How long do Brickell products last?

There is no short and simple answer. It hugely depends on various factors. We are talking about ingredients, how the product has been stored and used.

In most cases, products without active ingredients with specific expiration dates can be good for up one year after being open. This is a case for products such as creams, washes, and lotions.


Are Brickell products vegan?

Brickell is a company with a strong focus on quality. They are using high-quality ingredients, that are all-natural, organic, and vegan. All this with belief that such ingredients could be more effective than synthetics.



Image credit: Brickell Men´s Products 

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