40 Bizarre Movie Title Translations That Are Actually Pretty Good

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Film is a cultural phenomenon and one of the greatest cultural exports that America has to offer. With large quantities of Hollywood movies being introduced into the world, more and more movie titles are translated into foreign languages, some well done while some poorly done.

Titles are the first thing the audience comes across when movies are released, so it is sometimes a hard task to come with a faithful yet catchy movie title. These translations are hugely important, and doing it properly is a complex process. You can divide it into three categories.

  • Leaving the English title as it is.
  • Literal translation: The title is translated word by word.
  • Creative way: Using a title that has nothing to do with the original.

The last, creative way, is probably the most interesting. Sometimes translators come up with so hilarious titles they are actually far better than the originals. With the help of IMDB, we create the list of our personal favorites. Here are 40 bizarre movie title translations that are actually pretty good.


1. My Best Friend´s Wedding
Hong Kong: Help! My Pretend Boyfriend Is Gay

2. The Full Monty
China: Six Naked Pigs

3. Boogie Nights
China: His Great Device Makes Him Famous

4. The Spy Who Shagged Me
Norway: The Spy Who Spermed Me

5. The Planet of The Apes
Brazil: The Man Who Came From The Future

6. Army Of Darkness
Japan: Captain Supermarket

Bad Santa - film title translations

© 2003 Dimension Films. All rights reserved.

7. Bad Santa
Czech Republic: Santa Is A Pervert

8. Home Alone
Spain: My Poor Little Angel

8. As Good as it Gets
China: Mr. Cat Poop

9. Being John Malkovich
Japan: The Hole of Malkovich

10. Lost in Translation
Portugal: Love Is A Strange Place

11. Jersey Girl
Japan: I Love My Dad The Best In The World

12. Juno
Mexico: Juno: Grow, Run and Stumble

Knocked Up - hilarious movie title translations

© 2007 Universal Pictures. All rights reserved.

13. Knocked Up
Peru: Slightly Pregnant

14. Leon: The Professional
China: This Hit Man Is Not As Cold As He Thought

15. Leaving Las Vegas
Hong Kong: I´m Drunk And You´re A Prostitute

16. The Producers
Italy: Please Do Not Touch the Old Women

17. The Sixth Sense
Taiwan: Ghost Eye

18. G.I. Jane
China: Satan Female Soldier

Drive Angry - movie title translations

© 2011 Summit Entertainment. All rights reserved.

19. Drive Angry
Thailand: Super Speeding Cleaning Evil Accounts

20. The Producers
Italy: Please, Do Not Touch The Old Women

21. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Portugal: A Nice Pair of Rollerskates

22. George of the Jungle
Israel: The Jungle Dies Laughing

23. Hot Shots!
Czech Republic: Warm Shots

24. The Hangover
France: Very Bad Trip

25. Annie Hall
Germany: Urban Neurotic

26. No Strings Attached
France: Sex Friends

27. Die Hard With A Vengeance
Denmark: Die Hard: Mega Hard

28. Superbad
Israel: Super Horny

Dodgeball - hilarious film title translations

© 2004 Twentieth Century Fox. All rights reserved.

29. Dodgeball
Germany: Right In The Nuts

30. Fargo
China: Mysterious Murder in Snowy Cream

31. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
Brazil: It’s Raining Hamburger

32. Jaws
France: The Teeth of the Sea

33. Nixon
China: Big Liar

34. Going Greek
Israel: Dude, Where’s The College?

35. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Denmark: The Boy Who Drowned in Chocolate Sauce

36. You Only Live Twice
Japan: 007 Dies Twice

37. The Snatch
Mexico: Pigs and Diamonds

38. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Italy: If You Leave Me, I Delete You

39. Risky Business
China: Just Send Him To University Unqualified

40. Free Willy
China: A Very Powerful Whale Runs To Heaven


Main Photo by Karen Zhao, 2018


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