Best Leather Cases For AirPods: Stylish Look And Great Protection

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Apple’s charging case is not immune to scratches, nicks, and dents. That’s why it is worth considering buying a protective cover.

A stylish carrying case.

If you want to add a style and extra protection to your AirPods charging case, then we have a 6 classy looking, best-in-class leather cases for your precious earphones.

  •  AirPods, a stylish wireless way to listen to your favorite music
  •  With the best leather carrying cases, you can protect your earbuds against drops
  •  Choose from different styles, sizes, and colors

These super affordable AirPod accessories come in various styles and sizes, but they few important things in common. They fit perfectly on AirPods and offer protection against unwanted bumps and scrape.


Twelve South AirSnap

Twelve South AirSnap

Image: Twelve South

AirSnap is a fantastic product. The small, stylish leather carrying case that is, in fact, a leather shield for your AirPods. The design is simple, it’s a full-grain leather carrying case that the AirPod charger fits into, with a gap in the bottom for charging and a snap closure which is preventing the charger from falling out. On the top of AirSnap is a small metal carabiner-type clip that can be attached to a bag, backpack, bike, or pants. The best way to have your AirPods with you every time is attaching the AirSnap case to your keychain. You will never leave the house without your AirPods again. Twelve South’s AirSnap carrying case comes in three colors: Dark Teal, Cognac, and Black.

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Fintie AirPods Case

Fintie Case

Image: Fintie

Simple, durable, and functional. Made of premium leather, the Fintie case provides an elegant and luxury look fro AirPods protection. This cheap carrying case has a magnetic buckle which offers fast access to your earphones and a built-in cutout post button on the back for easy charging.

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Vinyl Design AirPods Case

Air Vinyl Design Airpods case

Image: Air Vinyl Design

Do you like the leather look, but don’t want to add extra bulk to your AirPods case? Meet Vinyl Design, a hard shell case that fits perfectly your AirPods and provides protection against scratches and occasional drops. The tanned leather case has also a cutaway for a charging port and comes in red, brown, light brown and black colors.

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Lunies AirPods Leather Case


Image: Ebay

Add a little bit of style to your AirPod charging case with this cheap, simple, yet effective case. Lunies is a super cheap accessory that protects your expensive wireless earphones and cuts down on the chance of you losing them. The Lunies case also offers decent protection from scratches and drops. What really makes this AirPod leather case so convenient is the fact that you don’t have to remove your AirPods from the case if you want to recharge them. Specifically designed cutouts at the bottom ensure that you can connect the lightning port for recharging. 

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Nomad Rugged Case

Nomad AirPods Case

Image: Nomad

Designed to fit your AirPods with a unique two-piece construction, the Nomad Rugged Case gives you an elegant and rough way to protect your precious earphones. Made from special Horween leather, the minimalist construction is durable enough to get your AirPods decent protection against scratches and unexpected drops.

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MoKo AirPods Case

MoKo AirPods Case

Image: Amazon

Another cheap protective cover with a holding strap. MoKo is a cute case made from synthetic leather and a simple solution that offers the convenience of protection and functionality. Wherever you go, it helps keep your AirPods safe from bumps, scrapes and other types of everyday wear and tear. 

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Main photo by Aaina Sharma


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