8 Best Camera Sunglasses For Men (2023): Spy Gadget Gifts

Outdoor hidden cameras are no longer confined to fountain pens or pins.

The latest trend in technology is the design of a high-definition camera in sunglasses.

These sunglasses have sprung into one of the leading fashions in men. For men, these video cameras are the ultimate hip accessory.

These lenses and frames come in different styles, colors, and brands. Whether you are playing spy or documenting an event, these gadgets will allow you to playback and listen to everything you record.

When you go out in public wearing a camera in sunglasses, you are showing the world your perspective. Hands-free, recording gives you the freedom to snow ski, jet ski, ride a bike or motorcycle without worrying about dropping your camera. And while in public, no one would know.

Here are a few of the best camera sunglasses designed for men (2023).

OhO sunshine Waterproof Video Audio Sunglasses

OhO sunshine Waterproof Sunglasses
OhO sunshine Waterproof Sunglasses (Image credit: Oho sunshine)

These high-tech video sunglasses are perfect for water sports such as water motorbikes, surfing. Amazon considers this “World first IP66 level water protection sunglasses”, the latest in sunglasses technology.

The camera captures 1080 ultra-high-definition video and audio. Because they build the frames for environmental factors, these sunglasses are impact resistant. You don’t have to worry about your face or eyes.

With its One Touch button, you can operate the camera and take photos. It can store 32GB of memory, which can playback video and sound on a computer or TV via a USB cable. Priced at 132.99, these lenses are steep. However, investing in its durability and features is worth the investment.

KAMRE Sunglasses Camera

KAMRE Sunglasses
KAMRE Sunglasses Camera (Image credit: KAMRE)

Kamre sunglasses are chic, dashing, and fashionable while able to record video and audio. These video glasses scream fashion and action. Its built-in HD Camera protected by polarized glasses makes it a sports enthusiast’s dream.

These high-quality sunglasses record video at 1920 and 1080 resolutions. It comes with a 63-degree wide-angle lens to capture everything around you in a lower and higher perspective. Besides protecting you from the sun’s UV rays, Kamre sunglasses record crisp audio and video. Files are PC and Mac compatible and easy to download.

Its One Key Operation feature allows you to turn video recording with the tap of your finger. Its indicator light remains on standby until you record.

Spectacle Sunglasses Made for Snapchat

Spectacle Sunglasses Made for Snapchat
Spectacle Sunglasses Made for Snapchat (Image credit: Spectacles)

If you are a Snapchat influencer, or just like to post on social media, these sunglasses are for you. They designed Snap Spectacles to connect with the Snap Chat app.

Not only are you able to record video, sound, and take photos, but you can share them live with your friends. These video sunglasses record up to 100, ten-second snaps. Video capture is at 720 pixels for the web. For a moderate price, you can be the envy of your friends.

iVUE Rincon HD Camera Glasses

iVUE Camera
iVUE Rincon HD Camera Glasses (Image credit: iVUE Camera)

These video glasses are exceptional. They are tech-savvy, fashionable, and fun. When worn outside, the front as sports sunglasses that protect you from solar rays with its polarized lenses.

What it hides is the ability to record downloadable information. Its 8MP, Sony CMOS Sensor chip, provides image enhancement when recording in low lighting. The wide-angle lenses can tilt up 12 degrees or tilt down 10 degrees so you can capture the entire event in a low or high perspective.

These sunglasses are perfect for capturing downhill slopes, biking, and surfing. They also record high-quality video at 60 frames per second for a steady capture. It comes with two AAC2 stereo microphones for superior sound quality. 

Expandable memory supports up to 128GB micro SD card so you can transfer images of the video and photo files to your iOS or Android devices.

Bear Grylls Waterproof Action Camera Glasses

Bear Grylls Waterproof Action Camera
Bear Grylls Waterproof Action Camera Glasses (Image credit: Bear Grylls)

If you are a skier or surfer, Bear Grylls sunglasses will impress you. These sunglasses allow you to capture video and photos from your perspective and share it with the world.

Imagine riding the perfect wave or skiing down a mountaintop?

With these impressive sunglasses, you can capture 1080 videos at 30 frames per second. They come with a button that operates the recorder. When pressed, the camera records hands-free.

Your hands are at your disposal and you don’t have to worry about recording. And while we consider them a secret camera, they are also sunglasses coded with IPP waterproof technology and dustproof protection.

ZDMYING Bluetooth Sunglasses Camera

ZDMYING Bluetooth Sunglasses
ZDMYING Bluetooth Sunglasses Camera (Image credit: ZDMYING)

ZDMYING continues to be on the top of the innovation by creating sunglasses with a built-in camera. They designed these lenses with a protective UV polarized glass that is affordable and fashionable.

This Bluetooth sunglass-camera is perfect for motorcycle rides, boat rides, or outdoor sports. They come with headphones that connect to the sunglasses, so you can listen to your favorite MP3 video and photo files. Cruise down the beach while recording your adventure and listening to your favorite tunes.

Newwings Bluetooth Sunglasses

Newwings Bluetooth Sunglasses
Newwings Bluetooth Sunglasses Camera (Image credit: Newwings)

Built with a full HD 1080P video recorder camera, Newwings Bluetooth Sunglasses allow you to capture video and photos hands-free.

These sunglasses operate via Bluetooth which enables you to place calls and receive them. Built with an A-Max 32GB Micro SD card, you can save your video and photo recordings and download them to your computer, phone, or storage device.

In addition, its polarized and UV protected lenses allow you to be in bright sunlight without harming your eyes. Low dim locations are perceived as lighter.

Miata Mini Camera Sunglasses

Miota Mini Video Glasses Wearable Camera
Miota Mini Video Glasses Wearable Camera (Image credit: Miota)

Miata’s sunglasses are perfect for outdoor activities. Their 65-degree angle view makes it ideal for capturing family activities or adventures.

Whether you are fishing, hiking, or mountain climbing, your hands-free camera allows you to do other things while it records audio and video.

When fully charged, the battery lasts from 60 to 80 minutes. It saves your files onto a 32GB Micro SD card that can download data to your computer.

Prior to purchasing sunglasses with a camera, keep in mind the reason you are looking for one. Whether you need to record a private event or a family affair, the features you chose in your camera will provide you with the ultimate results.