Allocacoc CupCooler Instant Drink Chiller

Are you a person who likes to drink ice cold drinks all the time? If you´re in this category of people, we definitely found something for you. The CupCooler Instant is a smart device made by Allocacoc that is able to cool down your beverage and keep it cool until you drink it.

Allocacoc CupCooler Instant

The CupCooler Instant is using thermoelectric cooling (TEC) which allows the device to be 6x faster than the fridge in cooling your beverage. And it´s really easy to use it. Just plug the device into your wall socket and wait one minute for the surface plate to cool down to -18℃ (-0.4℉).

What does it mean?

In general, cooling a 300ml/10.14 fl oz drink from 25℃ (77 ºF) to 15℃ (59ºF) will take 10 minutes. Subsequently, for the drink to cool to 10℃ (50ºF) will take an additional 20 minutes. The lowest temperature the CupCooler can achieve for your drink is 5℃ (41ºF).

CupCooler Instant
CupCooler Instant / Image credit: Allocacoc

In other words, the CupCooler by Allocacoc needs less than 30 minutes to get your drinks cooled down to around 10℃ (50ºF) which is an optimal temperature for most of us for drinking beverages in hot summer.


Allocacoc CupCooler Instant Specifications:

  • Power: 36W
  • Voltage: DC12V
  • Electricity: 3A
  • Material: ABS, Aluminum
  • Size: 4.96 x 4.88 x 4.88in (126 x 124 x 124mm)
  • Weight: 0.98lb (446g)
  • Colors: White, Grey
  • In the box: 1x CupCooler, 1x Aluminum cup, 1x Plug, Manual


Allocacoc CupCooler Instant
Allocacoc CupCooler Instant Drink Chiller / Image credit: Allocacoc

The CupCooler Instant is one of the crowdfunding products with successful funding that went to mass production and can be found on sites like Amazon. It comes in 2 colors, grey and white, and is available in 4 plug types (EU, UK, US, and AU).


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