AAXA P300 Pico Projector

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We Like

  • Easy setup
  • Awesome portability
  • Reads filles from USB
  • Silent fan

We Don’t Like

  • No zoom
  • Worse audio

NechGear Score – 81 %

based on 12 expert reviews

User Score76% 

based on user 304 reviews  

The AAXA P300 gives you a bright, vivid image with an fantastic contrast ratio. It is small and light, with an internal battery that lasts up to an hour and built-in speakers that work just fine for presentations, but for better movie watching experience, we reccomended to use eternal speakers.

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Expert reviews


By PCMag – 70%

If you need full portability, the AAXA P300 Pico Projector can deliver more than acceptable image quality for both data and video at a usable brightness level while freeing you from having to plug in if you don’t want to.


By Wirecutter – N/A

The P300 has the best contrast ratio of any projector we tested, with the 920:1 we measured approaching what a DLP home theater projector can do. The grayscale has a blue tint and was less accurate than any model we tested other than the DBPower unit. It isn’t that far off the target though, and most people likely won’t be bothered by it.


By Laptop Mag – 70%

We were generally impressed by the P300’s performance. Colors were a bit warm for our tastes, though. Whites showed up as pinkish on occasion, and skin tones were on the red side. While watching a 1080p version of “Skyfall,” we noted fairly good contrast — blacks and darker colors, such as deep blues — were true. 


By Projector Central – 85%

AAXA touts the P300 as the world’s brightest battery-powered HD projector, which may well be true at this writing at least. It’s certainly battery powered, although the battery is optional, and the 1280×800 native resolution establishes its claim for 720p HD. Its measured brightness is lower than its 300-lumen rating for AC power or 160 lumens with the battery.


By The Marketing Scope – N/A

The Aaxa P300 Pico/Micro Projector manages to pack a lot of power into the package. As long as you’ve got a dark room and you’re happy with an image 120 inches or less it will do the job. Aaxa offers several projectors in the series, some of which are cheaper than the P300, but there’s a reason we’re recommending this one over them: flexibility.


By Slant – N/A

P300 has a bright and detailed picture. It is also reliable and convenient to use. For those who travel and present content, be it for business or educational purposes, AAXA P300 is the best portable projector to carry around.


By BestProjectorGuide – N/A

The P300 weighs less than one and one-half pounds. It’s easy to store, and to carry around; it will often fit into the carrying case for other electronic gear, alongside the primary passenger.


By YourTechyCenter – 100%

If you’re looking for a Pico Projector and the key feature you’re concerned about is the quality of the image, you can’t go wrong with the AAXA Pico Projector. Although there are a few other design flaws, these can be easily fixed, but you know you have the boldest and most vibrant projection possible from a projector this price range.


By ProjectorReviewSite – N/A

This next feature makes this pico projector truly unique. What is the point of being able to carry a projector in your hand if you can’t use it easily everywhere you go? To turn on and use, the vast majority of models require a DC power cable is plugged into the wall to supply the power.


By Picopros – N/A

With the AAXA P300, you have a small, yet powerful, entertainment and business projector. Firing up the unit in a brightly-lit room, we easily created a nearly 7-foot image that was quite usable. However, when the lights were dimmed, the experience was remarkable. We were greeted with a bright, crisp, and colorful image. AAXA has done a great job squeezing maximum performance out of the 1280×800 DLP® chipset.


By Pico Projector Fans – N/A

This small pico projector is very small and fits right in the palm of your hand. This Pico P300 projector has a lot of great features like a built-in media player, long battery life, small and portable of course and it can also connect to devices like iPods, iPhones, cameras, game consoles, laptops, Macbooks, iPad, USB, SD, and pretty much anything with an AV output or HDMI output.


By BuyDLP – 80%

The new P300 comes with a revolutionary band new compact optical engine capable of giving out 400 lumens on Direct Current power at a High Definition resolution of 1280*800.


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